CanaNazi: Stand Up Canadian Patriots

Our Fight For Canada


This website is intended to be a mainstream site, but the way things are going in Canada, you never know.

I am not a kook, an eccentric, a radical, or  any other type of fringe thinker, and belong to no politcal groups whatsoever.

My family background, what I am, and what I am not.

  • Liberal Party, one of the two major mainstream political parties in Canada, for over 75 years
  • My father once ran unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in suburban Montreal
  • He was a moderate, though a Party loyalist, his world  of  federal political crushes began with Prime Minister Lester Pearson, and continued through Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and mostly agreed with their policies, no matter what
  • I  respect my  father, but am a little more iconoclastic and critical
  • In my early twenties, I  did immense amounts of volunteer work in what was called The Women’s Liberation Movement, mostly in the UK,where I happily lived and worked as a visual artist

That’s it.

However, alas, I am a very well read person.

I think Canadians of all types must for umbrella groups,and see how their very real conflicts and arguments must beforgotten for a few years, starting now.   We are like a married couple arguing over who washes the dishes when a pack of lions and tigers are crashing through our windows and doorways.

  • French against English, a good and classic manipulation,  with real basis for argument
  • Ditto, Native  Canadians against other groups
  • liberal against conservative
  • business against unions
  • men against women

The reasons for joining together

  • once an emergency situation happens, Harper can move TO TANK PERMANENTLY THE TWO PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM
  • we will not be able to get it back
  • Canada may be a TEST RUN  for similar events in Australia, the UK, and the USA
  • the loss of our water, oil, and mineral resources
  • the betrayal and disrespect we are showing to our own fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers, who died in World War 11 while in Germany the respectfulness which is only natural of those whose ancestors died in war time, is on theresurgence
  • Hitler knew the war was lost as early as 1943
  • plans for post-war international fascism in great detail began to be developed as early as 1943
  • the plan was different for EVERY country,  according to the personality and the character of the people

Imagine you are studying the personality and thecharacter of us, the Canadian people:

  • the same qualities that made us a BELOVED nation around the world, may be our very weaknesses, not wanting to fight, always wanting to be NICE

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